Monte Vista Coop

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

From the Desk of Mike Boothe - General Manager

As I sit here, winter is winding down and we are about to put an end to this fiscal year. Everyone is getting ready to gear up for the new crop year, including our agronomy, grain, equipment, farm store, fuel and tire departments. This past winter has brought some challenges with the cold and propane prices, but we have managed to get through it. Recently we’ve gotten some much needed moisture and hopefully that will continue. When you are planning for this upcoming year, don’t forget your Monte Vista Coop. When you do business with your Coop, you are doing business with a company you own. Profits stay here in the San Luis Valley. We do not have headquarters outside of the area where we send money. We are not making someone else rich. Our profits are returned to our member-owners based on the amount of business each does with the Coop. So remember, doing business with the Monte Vista Coop is good for the Coop, good for the San Luis Valley, and good for you. I look forward to doing business with you this coming year, and seeing you at our annual meeting on June 12, 2014.